Architectural In-situ Concrete Finishes

In-situ concrete, also known as "board formed" concrete is formed on site.

Concrete is poured in to specifically designed timber moulds, and when the moulds are removed, the concrete shows the wood grain pattern which is imprinted into the concrete.

The timber must be coated with a form release agent - or form oil - so that it can be easily removed from the concrete, once cured.

Typically lower grades of untreated pine are used for formwork, however this leaves a one dimensional rustic appearance.

It is possible to get architectural concrete timber finishes and textures using specifically prepared timbers.

Abodo offers a range of architectural timbers in both Tundra and Vulcan timbers, that create a distinctive and thoughtful in-situ concrete finish. Tundra creates a vibrant texture with pronounced grain, whereas Vulcan is a more subdued, subtle look.

Both Tundra and Vulcan are naturally durable timbers, and will be usable for multiple pours - without any preservative leaching into concrete.

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