Carefully Crafted Joinery - Catton Windows, Norfolk UK

Hand-crafted timber joinery like that made by UK-based Catton Windows is an investment in timeless design and lasting beauty.

With an over 35-year history of creating high performance, premium joinery products, Catton Windows’ partnership with Abodo is testament to their dedication to delivering artfully finished, durable windows and doors made from sustainably sourced timber.

Second generation joiner Matt Woodford began working in the family business some 24 years ago, after discovering he wasn’t a good fit with the corporate world. Rather than sitting behind a desk, he finds great satisfaction in the problem solving and intricate working required in creating joinery, with heritage buildings being a favourite.

“I enjoy the challenge of listed buildings where we are trying to improve what’s there but keep the character and appearance,” he says.

Catton Windows retains the craft of hand-machining joinery in their Norfolk workshop. To create windows and doors for a project, their wood machinist will first select timber based on size, colouration and quality.

“Once machined into sections, we then mortise and tenon our products together. From there they go through to our finishing department, who work their magic getting the items ready for paint. Then onto the spray shop where our skilled team paint, de-nib, and paint again until they are fully sealed and looking fabulous. From there it's onto final fit and glaze, ready for installation or delivery.”

When it comes to selecting timber providers to partner with, Catton looks foremost for durability and finish, elements which are delivered by Abodo due to our thermal modification process, which effectively cures the wood and makes it steadfast through all weathers.

I like the whole ethos of the team behind Abodo and their environmental credentials. The timber is nice to work with and produces little waste, which makes it cost effective."

“It is also important to use timber which is environmentally friendly and produces as little waste as possible, and to deliver value for money for our clients,” says Matt. "We like that we can select any hardware we wish without fear of it failing prematurely.”

By only supplying fully finished products, Catton is able to stand by the quality of their joinery. While they use technology and machinery when required, they pride themselves on maintaining hand crafting skills, which are often required to meet the complexities of bespoke and heritage work.

Watch this video to see Catton Windows in action, crafting their timber joinery products.

If you are interested in using Abodo timbers for joinery, see our joinery lookbook.

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