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Dunlop Hub Vulcan Joinery Abodo Wood 42

Is Alu-Wood the Answer for Long-Lasting Attractive Window Framing for Harsh Climates?

Alu-wood window frames combine the beauty of wood inside with the longevity of aluminum framing externally.

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Abodo Wood Vulcan Timber Sustainable Forests

Why Don’t Tropical Hardwoods Have Environmental Product Declarations?

Without current EPDs to meet building code legislations, the use of tropical timbers is becoming increasingly difficult.

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Carefully Crafted Timber Abodo Wood 04

The Right Timber Choice to Meet Changing Building Code Requirements for Embodied Carbon

Readily available data on a product’s carbon impact is imperative to meeting modern building standards.

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Compact Central City Bungalow Vulcan Timber Abodo Wood 4

Enhancing Renovation Projects with Timber

Cohesive with many design styles and eras, timber is increasingly becoming the chosen material for renovation projects.

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The Farm House Vulcan Timber Abodo Wood 03

Spotlight on Vulcan Timber Pergolas

The extensive versatility and stability of Vulcan Screening has seen it become a common material for pergolas.

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Cardrona Alpine Villa Vulcan Timber Abodo Wood

Fundamentals: Timber and Coatings Webinar Replay

A must watch webinar to understand the fundamentals aspects of timber and coatings for lasting beauty.

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Cardrona Showroom Vulcan Doors Abodo Wood

Spotlight on Vulcan Doors

Vulcan has been used for a growing number of door applications in both commercial and residential architectural projects.

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Waihi Beach House Vulcan Decking and Rhombus Clip Abodo Wood 5

Explore Abodo’s Decking Timber Range

Create a carbon sink with a Vulcan timber deck, while soaking in the summer sun.

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The Baldy Carpenter Abodo Wood 01

A Comparison - Abodo Vulcan Timber vs Sapele Timber

Five characteristics that show why Vulcan Timber is a superior choice to Sapele.

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Abodo Cardrona Alpine Village timber feature ceiling

The Superior Thermal Performance of Vulcan Timber

Testing thermal conductivity for energy efficient windows and doors.

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01 Learning From Trees01 Interior Marcela Grassi 0 2344 0 1652

The Ongoing Teachings of Timber

Auckland architecture students are discovering the malleability of Abodo timbers in their final year construction paper.

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Arthur Lee Artchitectural Designer and Certified Passive House Consultant

How Vulcan Timber Positively Impacts a Building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

This Building Carbon Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by Arthur Lee from Respond Architects shows the positive impact Vulcan timber can have on a home’s carbon footprint.

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