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Arthur Lee Artchitectural Designer and Certified Passive House Consultant

How Vulcan Timber Positively Impacts a Building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

This Building Carbon Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by Arthur Lee from Respond Architects shows the positive impact Vulcan timber can have on a home’s carbon footprint.

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Vulcan Shingles Abodo Wood

Coming Soon / Vulcan Shingles

Vulcan Shingles are an advanced modern-day timber shingle complete with a design and build system for extended durability.

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Cardrona Cabin Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 7

Embodied Carbon Webinar With Paul Reidy

Replay of an Embodied Carbon webinar in association with Abodo and Fitzpatrick + Partners.

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Vulcans Unique Vertical Grain Abodo Wood 01

Vulcan’s Unique Vertical Grain

Abodo uses a patented process to carefully craft Vulcan timber’s unique vertical grain orientation.

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Seacliff Channel Islands Abodo Wood

A WONDERFUL SURPRISE / Abodo in the Channel Islands

Located on the isolated island of Jersey in the English Channel, this elevated, high-end residence enjoys beautiful coastal views.

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Working Spec Model Abodo Wood

New 3D Visualisation Tool Smooths the Design-Build Process

Our new 3D, interactive Working Spec models bridge the communication gap between the drawing board and the building site.

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Glenstrae Vulcan Cladding Sioox Abodo Wood

Top Four Considerations When Detailing Timber Cladding

Protecting external timber boards from the elements comes down to careful detailing and appropriate finishes.

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Dunlop Builders Hub Vulcan Timber Joinery

Dunlop Builders Created a Massive Timber Curtain Wall

Dunlop builder's new Wanaka hub features Abodo's highly stable Vulcan timber, proving their confidence in the product in this harsh environment.

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Sustainability Matters at Abodo Wood

Sustainability Matters at Abodo

At the core of what we do, Abodo is taking action to create a better tomorrow.

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Lakeside Retreat Vulcan Cladding Abodo Wood 5

Timber Soffits

Timber-lined soffits are a low maintenance and often more cost effective solution when adding warmth to your project.

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Te Ara a Tāwhaki Otaki Modern Māori Architecture Abodo Wood

Modern Māori Architecture

The use of timber in Māori architecture has a long history of tradition, which is continued in the modern day.

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Karangahake House Tundra Cladding in Sioox Abodo Wood 2

How Managed Plantations and Native Forests Can Coexist

Monoculture plantation forests fulfill an important role in supplying sustainable products for our timber-hungry market.

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