Camo – The Preferred Concealed Fix Decking Fastener

Decking fixing can be challenging, particularly in harsh environments such as New Zealand. Our regular rainfall and harsh UV makes short work of poor quality deck fasteners. A galvanised nail often does not cut the mustard.

Things get even more complicated when a concealed fix, hidden fix or “secret fix” look is required.

It is no doubt that a hidden fix option is cleaner and more attractive than a visible fastener.

After trialling a myriad of clips, edge fasteners and back fixed options, the only decking fastener that we have found that stands the test of time is the Camo concealed fix system.

Using two skewed screws per board, the Camo system has great hold down capability, and can stand up to the normal movement of a softwood or hardwood decking board. The system also works great with a fence paling. Applied with a Camo Marksman tool, the specially developed screws drill in clean and ensure consistent fixing detail.

Even better, it is not necessary to mark out screw holes, the tool will do this for you.

The problem with clips is simple. Wood expands and contracts over time – from wet to dry and back again. Clips simply cannot cope with this movement, and eventually get loose. After a few years of foot traffic the decking board can start to break loose.

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