Oceanside - Sunshine Coast, Australia

Only metres from the ocean, developers Gray Construction were after a low maintenance timber cladding solution.

Project details

MRA Design
Gray Construction Group
Vulcan Cladding (WB12 Profile) in Sioo:x Wood Coating
Timber distributor
Britton Timbers
Photography credit
Robyn Rolton
Completion date
May 2020
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Located on the Sunshine Coast within a few hundred metres of the ocean, MRA Design chose to use our durable timber ‘Vulcan’ timber cladding, with the low maintenance finish Sioo:x for the external elements.

A revolutionary timber finish from Sweden, Sioo:x is designed to allow external timber to weather evenly by using carbon dioxide and moisture as the catalysts. Sioo:x can be left for up to seven years before requiring refinishing; making it extraordinarily low maintenance.

Using Abodo on almost every project, Hamish Gray from Gray Construction told us "A big part for us is that the boards are straight and not twisted like hardwoods, saving us a lot of time in inspecting each piece. Vulcan is also very lightweight making it easy to handle, and a great option for garage doors. I’d honestly say that Vulcan Cladding is very easily 30% faster to install than a hardwood."

Oceanside Vulcan Cladding in Sioox Abodo Wood 2
Oceanside Vulcan Cladding in Sioox Abodo Wood 1
Not only lightweight, Vulcan is also renowned for its stability, allowing designers to achieve longer than normal spans.


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