House on the Bay – Melbourne, Australia

This beachfront home embodies its surroundings with a palette of raw, textured materials, including Vulcan Screening.

Project details

Lovell Burton
Vaughan Constructions
Timber distributor
Britton Timbers
Vulcan Screening (Custom profile) in Protector - Straw
Rory Gardiner

The architects were inspired by the neighbouring Brighton Sea Baths and Marina. “These monolithic structures stretch out into the bay to create pockets of calm water. The project extends upon themes embedded within these structures: shelter, enclosure and protection,” says Joseph Lovell.

On the upper levels, privacy for living and bedrooms is provided through Vulcan Screening finished in the subtly warm tones of Protector - Straw, which beautifully reflects the beach surroundings.

This screening uses a custom wave profile chosen especially for the design to both echo the water beyond and to connect with the scalloped design of the precast concrete walls that wrap around the home.

House On The Bay Melbourne Australia Vulcan Screening Abodo Wood 04

“This defensive shell is softened with Abodo timber batten screens that help regulate solar heat gain, provide privacy, and add texture and tactility to an otherwise monolithic form,” says Joseph. “At their tallest, the screens are close to 4.3m high, so it was paramount that the timber be able to reach these heights in a single length to achieve a seamless aesthetic without warping.”

This was achievable using Vulcan timber due to its thermal modification process, which allows for robust extended lengths without the risk of buckling. On the west-facing side of the building, the architects specified operable bi-folding screens that could block out the harsh afternoon sun. Again, the Vulcan Screening timber proved an apt choice for this due to its lightweight nature in comparison with hardwood products.

The home’s interior palette brings in the colours of the sand and dune grasses that grow beside the beach track, with cool tiles in subtle, sand and stone colours and a variety of timber tones that reflect the beach structures. Some darker, richer tones are introduced through the timber ceilings, which along with lush textured upholstery helps to add depth to the interiors.

Created to allow for the enjoyment of this special location in all seasons, the home is low maintenance, with both the concrete walls and the Vulcan Screening allowing for extended longevity even through exposure to salt air and weather.

“Overall, the success of the Abodo timber batten screens is in their ability to reconcile the need for soft, filtered light and privacy to the interior with the robust architectonic of the exterior,” says Joseph. “The thermally treated pine is able to withstand the harsh coastal conditions while also weathering consistently over time.”


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