What Are Concealed Fix Vertical Shiplap Weatherboards?

Vertical shiplap weatherboards are a time-honoured trend in architectural homes.

Traditional shiplap weatherboards are face fixed with a visible nail head. The idea behind secret fix vertical shiplap systems is that the fixings – typically nails or screws, are not visible. The fastener does not penetrate the surface of the board.

This can reduce staining around the nail head – otherwise known as fastener oxidisation. In some instances, face fixed nails require punching and putty, and thereafter sanding and painting. Concealed fix systems do not require this extra work.

So are concealed fix timber weatherboards a good idea?

If the cladding system is code compliant and proven, the answer is a resounding yes.

Concealed fix systems eliminate surface penetration into the weatherboard, which means moisture cannot work its way behind the coating.

The result is a longer life span and better coating adhesion – particularly for paint finish weatherboards.

Concealed fix shiplap weatherboards can also be faster to install and finish, as no putty repairs are required. Surface finish and consistency are improved.

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