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Timber Soffits

Timber-lined soffits are a low maintenance and often more cost effective solution when adding warmth to your project.

As clients have become more conscious about spiraling building costs, we’ve noticed a movement towards the use of timber as a soffit lining, and especially our cost effective Vulcan Panelling. The benefit of using timber internally and/or on soffits is that if placed strategically you can enjoy warmth from inside and outside without the maintenance required by timber cladding.

Key Benefits of Timber Soffits:

  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Can be appreciated from inside and out
  • Fast and easy install
  • Increased range of surface textures and coatings

Product: TG9 135x30 in Protector - Clear

Product: Custom Profile in Protector - Walnut

Product: Vulcan Panelling (135x10), Uncoated

Product: Vulcan Cladding (WB12F 180x20) in Protector - Patina (hand applied)

Product: TG9 135x10 with Satin Polyurethane Coating