The Superior Thermal Performance of Vulcan Timber

Testing thermal conductivity for energy efficient windows and doors.

Thermal efficiency is an important consideration in the design of windows and doors, the right timber choice will greatly improve the value, health, and sustainability of the building.

The wood’s thermal conductivity (expressed as the lambda value, shown in the table below) substantially influences the total calculated thermal value of the window frame.

Abodo has tested 42mm thick blocks of Vulcan timber using a Heat Flow Meter with accordance with EN 12667. Testing was performed by external testers Thermtest AB, in Sweden.

The results show the superior performance of Abodo’s thermally modified Vulcan timber in comparison to other commonly used window timbers.

This superior performance means greater design possibilities. Altering the timber used, for the same window design, also means a more elevated U-Value can be achieved. It creates a visually more appealing aesthetic and production-friendly design, all while maintaining an impressive level of energy efficiency.

Better thermal efficiencies are great for homeowners, you cannot look past long-term energy cost savings created from using Abodo Vulcan timber. Read more information in this Building Lifecycle Assessment and more on our thermal modification process here.

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