The Modern Pergola

Modern pergola’s have been radically simplified from the complicated structures of the past. Increasingly large section timbers have been used to create chunkier looking structures.

This presents challenges for timber, many timbers are not readily available in the big sizes such as 150mm x 150mm or 200mm x 200mm that are required to build such structures.

If they are available they are not typically dimensionally stable enough. Vulcan Screening and Posts allow significant design flexibility when it comes to heavy timbers.

The superior dimensional stability of Vulcan, combined with its ready availability in large sections like 135mm x 135mm and 180mm x 180mm mean chunky pergolas.

Key factors to consider with designing pergolas include :

Ground contact areas

Posts should be fixed on a post base, allowing at least 100mm clearance from paved areas. Post bases should be from hot dipped galvanised steel, or stainless steel in marine areas


Choose low maintenance finishes such as Protector - Patina to minimise maintenance. Any exposed ends, particularly near ground contact should be sealed with Protector End Seal.


Hidden fixings are a great way to connect pergola timbers without visible fixings – companies like Rothoblaas offer a range of concealed structural connectors.

Vulcan is a lightweight stable timber with a GL8 structural rating – perfect for clean sleek designs that will remain looking good over time.

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