Reducing Carbon Footprint – A Case Study: Cardrona Cabin

Abodo’s Cardona Cabin makes extensive use of Vulcan timber in the interior and exterior, storing considerable amounts of CO2e.

The cabin makes extensive use of Vulcan Cladding, Screening, Panelling and structural elements.

Predominantly manufactured from glue laminated sections, the Vulcan timber product stores a considerable amount of CO2e.

Over 9 tonnes of carbon is stored in the Vulcan timber elements alone, dramatically offsetting the small amounts of concrete and structural steel used in the building.

Total Carbon Footprint – Vulcan Timber Used

Volume Used (M3): 22.02
Global Warming Potential (kg-CO2e): -9248.4

Carbon Footprint – Cladding and Lining Material Types Used

Vulcan Panelling 135x10mm: -4.2kg/m2
Vulcan Screening 65x25mm: -10.5kg/m2

This diagram shows how the different timber elements were constructed.

DOWNLOAD the Abodo Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) here >>

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