Embodied Carbon Webinar With Paul Reidy

Replay of an Embodied Carbon webinar in association with Abodo and Fitzpatrick + Partners.

Embodied Carbon // Is It Just More Complexity or an Opportunity for a Truly Contemporary Design Approach?

In collaboration with Fitzpatrick Partners’ Paul Reidy, we explore the need to reframe what is called great and take responsibility for the material impact of the design decisions that are made.

The project is a site of consumption within the construction/development of our physical environment, so the architectural project must be responsible for the impact.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Where is the most embodied carbon in buildings?

  • When in the design process is most of the embodied carbon locked in?

  • What is the relationship between embodied and operating carbon and why is this changing?

  • What is causing this change and what impact does it have on decision making moving forward?

  • What is the difference between operating, embodied and whole of life carbon?

This webinar is 1.5 Formal Hours for Australian registered architects under PC10 and PC35 of the 2021 NSCA Performance Criteria.

Email Steve Napier for the test sheet if you would like to earn the 1.5 CPD points and watch the replay below.

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