Toorak Road Luxury Home - Brisbane, Australia

Natural materials were the order of the day in this project, using low maintenance, natural stone, Vulcan Cladding and raw concrete.

Project details

Vulcan Cladding (WB10 Profile 145x20) in Protector - Patina
Brisbane, Australia

As director of Comiskey Group, responsible for operations, construction and projects, and with an architectural degree behind him, Robert Comiskey had a very clear vision for the build of both his commercial project and family home.

The first of the projects to be completed was Sandstone Point Hotel (in Queensland, Australia), home to a beautifully appointed bistro, function facilities, entertainment setting and more.

Comiskey’s vision was to build an iconic statue, something that ties into the environment in a striking yet subtle way.

There’s no doubt this vision has been achieved, with the rakish lines of the structure combined with the muted natural tones of the Abodo Vulcan Cladding.

Natural materials were critical in this build, to create an aged look as if the building had always been there. The hotel is effortlessly sophisticated, blending naturally into its surrounding environment just 300m from the pristine waters of the Pumicestone Passage and Moreton Bay.

With the hotel completed and opened to stellar reviews, Comiskey then started planning for his family home – looking to achieve a classic timeless style.

Natural materials were again the order of the day, and Robert insisted on low maintenance, natural stone, Vulcan Cladding (in Protector - Patina) and raw concrete.

With the 1950s Palm Springs home as inspiration, Comiskey had a very particular design in mind – and stood true to the vision despite the project initially heading in a different direction.

Two weeks into putting down the footings he completely changed the design of the entire home, feeling that the design was overcomplicated and there were too many moving parts.

“If something doesn’t feel right, you just can’t go ahead” says Comiskey – and in a bold move, mid-build, new architects were engaged to take over the project. Or, new to this project at least, as KP Architects were the team responsible for the stunning design of Sandstone Point Hotel.

After using Vulcan Cladding on Sandstone Point, Robert felt the natural aspect, along with the timeless character of Protector - Patina was perfect for his new home. Natural materials that did not require excessive maintenance was also critical.

“I see many homes in the area with extensive timber components, and that requires a huge amount of maintenance” he says. Using Vulcan Cladding with Protector - Patina, Robert has pre-empted the natural aging of wood, while blending it into the stone and concrete material palette.

The cornerstones of the home are massive 300mm thick waterproof concrete slabs, which were poured on site by Comiskey’s own team.

Robert has never worked so extensively with concrete, this project was a first for him, and has been a good experience. “The material palette is timeless, you could see natural stone and timber cladding used this way 100 years ago” states Comiskey. The combination of inspired design and natural, durable materials will ensure the home can be enjoyed for years to come, achieving lifetime beauty with a timeless sophistication.

Airflow was also a critical design factor, with louvre systems optimising airflow throughout the home. Completed in 2015, it’s “very liveable” says Comiskey. His family of twin 2 ½ year old girls and 5 year old boy love the home, the 5 year old is running around enjoying the open design and indoor outdoor flow.

The best feature of the home is the entrance, which appears compound-like from the exterior but opens up with serious wow factor – showcasing the open plan design and fantastic views over Brisbane.


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