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Carefully Crafted Timber

Our Craft

Abodo crafts timbers with lasting beauty that are safe for people and the environment. Many exterior timbers are harvested from unsustainable old growth forests or are treated with harmful chemicals.

Our timbers stand the test of time, they are beautiful, durable and rapidly renewable.

Formed in 2001 by the Gudsell family, Abodo remains a New Zealand-owned, family business with a purpose.

Our Philosophy

Our design ethos has two core components:

Lifetime beauty
Abodo timbers are crafted to be enjoyed for years to come. Designed to age with grace, our timbers have exceptional weatherability and maintain their durability and beauty for a lifetime.

With tomorrow in mind
Our timbers are harvested from New Zealand’s FSC® certified rapidly renewable plantation forests. They are ethically crafted with respect from beginning to end – allowing us to meet today’s increasing needs without disadvantaging future generations.

The Future of Wood

Abodo’s thermally modified timbers stand the test of time, they are beautiful, durable and sustainable. Even better, they’re safe for people and the environment.

Growing more for less

Our timbers are sustainably grown in New Zealand forests that we know and respect, whose rich soils and high annual rainfall ensure rapid growth. With a total forested area of 1.8 million hectares (Forest Owners Assn, 2018/19), New Zealand’s high yielding Radiata Pine plantations are the perfect source for raw material. New Zealand is the ultimate base for sustainable forestry. Consistently ranked in the top two for the world’s least corrupt country (Transparency International, 2020), New Zealand is not adversely affected by the corruption that affects wood producers in other parts of the world (International Criminal Police Organization, 2016).

Take and replace

At harvest time, we apply our 30/30 principle. For every tree milled, we ensure it provides more than 30 years of service, which is as long as it takes to grow a replacement tree.

Design by nature

We take a leaf out of nature’s book to design timbers that look better for longer. Grown trees experience resistance (like wind) perpendicular to the grain – so we cut some of our timber vertically for greater stability and less surface cracking. This means they age with grace. Whether they are coloured or allowed to silver with time, Abodo timbers maintain their beauty for years to come.

Honest and transparent

Standard timbers have long been treated with known toxins like Chrome and Arsenic, often without anyone knowing how toxic they are. We search for and use safer alternatives that enhance them in a way that respects the environment and are safe to handle. We are 100% transparent about how safe our timbers really are.

Built to last

We work with architects and builders to create beautiful natural structures. Our timbers are packaged and transported with the care they deserve, reducing the risk of damage to your investment. At Abodo, we provide detailed specifications and direct support to ensure installation is done right, with pride.

Enjoy for years

Our timbers help create beautiful spaces for people to live and work, safely and sustainably. Timber spaces feel better, because they are. Abodo timbers are crafted to be durable and long lasting. With simple yearly maintenance, their beauty evolves slowly with time. Their exceptional weatherability means our timbers are enjoyed for decades. **End of life** When the time comes to return your home to nature, we lead the way in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Rather than going to the landfill, in an industry first, we have partnered with Green Gorilla to recycle our timbers at the end of their life as carbon neutral fuel.


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Timber: Vulcan Cladding

Type: Rusticated 90x20MM

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Note: The figures given here include 10% wastage and are approximate only. Final order quantities are the buyer’s responsibility and should be checked and verified prior to order placement. Abodo will not accept liability for over or under-ordered items. Thank you!


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