Striking Rhombus Timber Fencing

A unique and versatile timber, Sand Screening in a rhombus profile also makes an attractive fence or facade.

This striking fence uses Sand Screening in a Rhombus 68x26mm profile, with a natural uncoated finish.

The natural fence contrasts beautifully with the dark exterior timber cladding (Vulcan Cladding in an Ebony finish).

In this application, the fence is designed to allow airflow, while also providing privacy.

Other applications include ceiling lining and decorative screens.

Features of Sand Screening: - Easy fix - in most situations Sand Screening doesn't require drilling, which means faster installation - Arsenic free - this non-toxic wood does not contain arsenic, like many other exterior timbers - FSC® certified - Sand Screening is sourced from locally grown, sustainable forests - Extremely durable and stable

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