Managing Risk - Black Stain vs Charred Hardwoods

Nero on Vulcan was selected for it’s depth and texture on this high end Brisbane home by Zephyr.

Our deep black finish Protector Coating - Nero on our high performing Vulcan timber has become a huge success in the Australian market with many designers choosing to use it over the high risk charred hardwoods.

While aesthetically beautiful, charred hardwoods won't give you the reliability you need and are a high risk solution:

  • Hardwoods are not the ideal timber for charring. Traditional charring techniques require a low moving and stable timber that is of medium density so that an optimal thickness of char can be achieved. With hardwoods the char layer is generally thin, unstable, and will more easily flake or fade
  • Hardwoods are high movement, and the black finish attracts heat which can cause extreme buckling
  • Maintenance can be daunting, with no one proven method, leaving clients to rely on experimentation

Embracing traditional Japanese craftsmanship, Abodo do provide a very successful charred product, however, clients more often than not choose our Nero Protector coating for black timber when they prefer less maintenance and greater reliability.

Custom formulated for our Vulcan timber, the beautiful deep black of Nero is created by using a mix of smaller and larger particles of carbon black pigment.

The smaller micronized pigments penetrate deep into the wood while larger pigments stay near the surface, creating a long lasting black that has been designed to fade evenly.

Combining refined plant oils, UV protection, advanced water barrier composition and an enhanced fungicidal package, our water borne Nero Protector coating on Vulcan timber has been designed as a complete tested system, which also includes an economical, plant based timber cleaner or rejuvenator. This is a simple spray on, brush, and wash off application.

Ebony, our lesser pigmented black seen on a test panel after 3 years of facing North West.

Nero shown on our Vulcan WB12 timber cladding. WB12 allows you to create almost any sequence using the 5 board sizes.

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