Keep It Simple: The Low Cost Durable Timber Weatherboard

Looking for ideas on a low cost timber weatherboard or cladding solution?The simplest solutions are often the best.

It is well known that the heartwood of Douglas fir is durable. In some parts of the world – notably Europe, heart Douglas fir is prized as a naturally durable timber cladding – and recognised as an “eco” choice. It is typically used as alternative to Siberian or European Larch. Fortunately in this instance – the “eco” also comes with a cheap price.

In 2011 Abodo commissioned a report by Scion – New Zealand Forest Research Institute, into the durability of heart Douglas Fir. The findings of the report were astounding.

At Scion’s Rotorua test site, panels of unmaintained heart Douglas fir weatherboards were found free from decay after 22 years. While the paint and coatings had weathered away, the wood itself was unaffected by fungal decay.

This lead Abodo to the creation of Tundra Cladding, a code compliant natural wood cladding, free of preservatives. Tundra is produced from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified Douglas fir – harvested from the renewable Kaingaroa Forest.

Tundra Cladding has achieved CodeMark certification – guaranteeing compliance to the New Zealand Building Code. This will satisfy your building inspector and keep your friendly local council at bay.

Tundra provides a rustic, natural look with beautiful natural knots and grain, similar to Larch or Macrocarpa weatherboards. This makes Tundra Cladding the perfect choice for holiday homes, baches, and construction projects seeking a natural feel. Home owners can feel good knowing that Tundra is free from preservatives – and is completely biodegradable at end of life.

Tundra Cladding is available pre-finished in a range of Abodo Protector coatings, or in Sioo:x for a naturally weathered look.

So – looking for a timber weatherboard idea that is low in price, low on environmental impact and big on natural style?

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