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How to Fix Rainscreen Elements

Rainscreen cladding systems – otherwise known as timber slats or screening, are becoming increasingly popular as form of façade.

Typically timber rainscreen systems use multiple layers of waterproofing and protective materials located behind an open jointed timber cladding.

The layers behind help to ensure the building wall is protected from the elements and is built to last.

Rainscreen cladding can be utilised in both renovations of older buildings and in new builds. It provides a sustainable and efficient way to bring a sleek timber façade to any project.

Many architects and builders have been turning to Abodo’s Vulcan timber for their rainscreening. According to Mike Sharp from In and Sharp (architect, joiner and builder):

“The timber battens were straight and easy to manipulate over long lengths. We had no issues with the Vulcan timber battens warping or twisting. Prefinishing the product and not having to deal with the usual hardwood characteristics, meant for a quicker install and a more consistent coated facade. I’d say by using Vulcan timber battens - the installation was 20-30% faster than using a traditional hardwood”.

Download our new Timber Batten Span Table Manual here.

Common rainscreen fixing systems include:

Warm wall system

Insulation and moisture membrane is fixed on the outside of the structure, with a timber cavity batten installed under the membrane as a fixing point.

Image credit - Assembly Architects

Corrugated steel backer

Corrugated steel roofing is used as a weatherproof backer, with cavity batten as fixing point.

Image credit - Modbox

Clip system

An elegant hidden fixing can be achieved using Abodo’s Vulcan Rhombus Clip Screening onto a timber cavity batten – suitable for vertical and horizontal applications.




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