Fundamentals: Timber and Coatings Webinar Replay

A must watch webinar to understand the fundamentals aspects of timber and coatings for lasting beauty.

To provide an overview of the fundamental aspects of wood and its inherent structure, as well as the safeguarding of timber through the application of coatings.

Within this webinar, we delve into the effectiveness of these coatings and what can be anticipated throughout their lifespan.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Exploring inside the tree to understand its genetic makeup, including the differences between softwoods and hardwoods, and examining how growth rings affect maintenance

  • Examining the impact of cutting the log on both movement and the effectiveness of timber coatings

  • Why we coat timber

  • Understanding coating penetration and its effects on the timber

  • Exploring how geography and exposure angles to the weather can alter outcomes

This webinar is 1 Formal CPD Point (1 Hour) for Australian registered architects under PC39 of the 2021 NSCA Performance Criteria.

Email Steve Napier for the test sheet if you want to earn the 1 CPD point and watch the replay below.

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