Biomimicry – Living in the Future

Biomimicry is often touted as the way of the future, said to offer an empathetic, connected understanding of how life works, and we as humans fit in.

The goal of biomimicry is said “to create products, processes, and policies — new ways of living — that solve our greatest design challenges sustainably and in solidarity with all life on earth. We can use biomimicry to not only learn from nature’s wisdom, but also heal ourselves — and this planet — in the process”

Biomimics study nature’s successful ideas, then adapt them for human use.. In her seminal book “Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature” Janine Benyus claims “When we look at what is truly sustainable, the only real model that has worked over long periods of time is the natural world.”

Wood is obviously a natural product, and is proven to provide demonstrable improvement to living and working environment. Increasingly designers and engineers are turning to trees, and wood for inspiration.

Natural adhesives

Scientists at Scion Research in New Zealand have developed methods to create adhesives using wood based residues such tannins. Such biopolymer ingredients can replace fossil-based components, and are free from harmful formaldehyde.


Wood coatings company Sioo in Sweden were inspired by mineralised wood to develop Sioo:x, a silicate based wood coating that protects wood, while creating a long lasting shell on the surface of the wood.

It is likely we will continue to look to nature to inspire the next generation of research and development.

Sioo:x presents a short documentary (3 mins) about building sustainable cities using wood - reconnecting people with nature, our relationship with wood and the juxtaposition with different materials.

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