Architectural Facade Blades - Solid Timber vs Aluminium

Vulcan solid timber blades have extraordinary stability, giving you a whole new benchmark in design flexibility.

Have you ever specified aluminium facade blades and asked yourself - is there a better way? Can I use the beauty of timber to create a facade that draws people in whilst enhancing the urban fabric? Can I be more conscious of sustainable material choices?

Aluminum releases 14.2kg of CO2 per 1 kg of aluminium produced whilst our Vulcan timber captures 1.0kg of CO2 per 1 kg of timber produced.

Clearly timber is the material of choice for our future. When we consider 1.0 lin.metre length of a typical facade blade size of 50mm x 250mm, aluminium will release 68.2kg of CO2 compared to our Vulcan which will capture 4.2kg of CO2.

By using more timber you avoid the release of unwanted CO2 and in fact make a contribution by removing CO2 from our atmosphere.

Designers have made extensive use of aluminium for its large section sizes, spanning capability and low maintenance however now, our Vulcan timber delivers equivalent performance with natural solid timber.

Vulcan timber blades are created from thermally modified New Zealand FSC® plantation pine and then engineered with a unique and patented lamination process.

This combination means Vulcan solid timber blades have extraordinary stability and are available in larger than usual section sizes, giving you a whole new benchmark in design flexibility.

Timber is an organic material that will naturally weather to a silver colour when exposed directly to UV. By applying our specialised Sioo:x coating system an even silver patina across all faces of the timber can be achieved, thus avoiding irregular weathering across your project. Sioo:x will also improve the long term durability of the timber by keeping moisture out.

Sioo:x is a super low maintenance timber coating system because you/your client won’t have to consider a maintenance coat for at least 7-10 years. When a maintenance coat is applied, the appearance of the timber will be cleaned and refreshed for years to come.

With The Grounds project by Peddlethorp, the designers were able to achieve 3 metre spans which allowed for a definitive divide in levels.

Te Ara a Tāwhaki

Tennent Brown realised this striking facade by spanning our 88x42 timber battens up to 3.5 metres. The Te Ara a Tāwhaki criss cross pattern on the façade was designed to reflect traditional Māori flax weaving patterns.

Andrews Place

Acting as sun shading, these second floor Vulcan timber blades are 175mm x 40mm in 3m lengths, clear span and were slotted from behind and chemically anchored onto a steel plate.

Betts Apartments

The luxury Betts Apartments are designed to address the street edge - using a variety of materials including timber screens and recessed balconies to break down the visual scale.

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